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A travel blog. Travel To Oslo Norway

Travel To Oslo Norway

  Author: Waqas Rafiq
Travel To Oslo Norway
A travel blog. Travel To Oslo Norway.Why travel to Oslo, it is the most beautiful city in Europe! It’s very small, but you can find many things for free. Here are some ideas:

Explore the national park

It is called Fridtjof Nansens Gjerding with 815 hectares of land and is considered one of the best areas in the world. You will enjoy walking around the area and seeing all kinds of animals like bears, whales, etc., or visiting the arctic circle where there are lots of museums to go to. It’s just a bit far from the main town by road, but still, not much to see.
Visit the Little Church of the Nordfjords, built by Saint Olav Haldane during the Reformation. There are many different stories about how the churches were made and what the story means. Also, visit St Elizabeth’s Cathedral which is right next to the park and have lunch at Sjögårdskoleen and also visit Nyhrona which is a huge museum of Norwegian history. Another option is to visit the B-Park in Old Town Square. (The last place I visited).

Explore the Northern Lights – Iceland

There is so much to do in the city of Oslo when it comes to watching the night sky. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Vigeland plain area where you can observe the northern lights. And you can also enjoy participating in several activities, such as a hot air balloon flight over the Vigeland plain. For example, watch a ballet and then experience another ballet performance nearby. Or you can participate in the Blue Lagoon. Another interesting adventure you could take: Visit the Norse lands Museum and visit the collection of Norwegian folk art. Apart from these things, you can stay at Hotel Pater Rundh and get a private boat ride in an authentic fishing village!

Visit the Lofoten Bridge and the Opera House

Lofoten is the only bridge northeast of Norway. It is part of the Lofoten archipelago, which is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea. You can enjoy the fantastic scenery of Lofoten while traveling through the archipelago. Not only does it look amazing, but it offers great views for those who want to take a nature walk. The opera house, it is a large building that hosts over 90,000 live concerts annually.

Visit Statneset – Lake Bjoernes Bay

This beautiful lake is a popular tourist attraction with 4 million tourists visiting every year. Not only is it a scenic attraction, but it offers a beautiful beach and plenty of attractions to explore. So why not relax on the coast, swim in the water, sunbathe and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Explore other regions of the country with your children and discover other places to visit in Norway.

Visit the Harborside Walkway

Another famous landmark is the very natural and green stretch around the harbor with incredible views. It consists of many buildings that make the area look like a children’s playground. If you don’t mind going a little further from the edge, you can always enjoy watching the boats ply the waters. The port will be full of tourists enjoying themselves with their families.

Visit Lapland – Norway

If you’re looking for something less popular but just as breathtaking, you’ll be blown away by a visit to Lapland. On my trip to Lapland, I went to the famous peak known as Trollstigen as well as its UNESCO heritage site Gorlestong and then to the Breiaalp forest in western Norway for a mountain hike. One of the biggest parts was going back to my family home in Mykleiv, Germany, where I met my grandfather on vacation. Although you won’t see me walking there today, it still looked incredible.
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