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Five Things You Need To Know About Writing Articles

Between creating your website, picking a domain name, designing it, developing your online presence, writing for the web, and publishing your thoughts or ideas on the internet, there are many more steps involved in the process.

That is not saying anything about how difficult this can be though! Becoming familiar with the basics of article writing will make producing quality content much smoother. With that said, let’s dive into five things you need to know about writing articles.

1) Use an adapted version of Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease

This test evaluates the readability of a piece by looking at the length of simple sentences and whether they’re easy to understand. It also looks at the number of syllables in each word and the average sentence length.

The easier the text is to read, the higher the reading ease score. Lower reading ease means the text is harder to read through. An adaptation of this test uses the Flesch-Skewes Readability Test which removes some components of the original test to create a shorter, simpler formula.

We have reworked our basic reading grade level estimate to better match today’s readers. This revised formula does not include any special readings such as vocabulary or longer paragraphs. To preserve the integrity of this test, we have left out both of these factors!

2) Include supporting details

Too often writers write an interesting topic and then nothing else beyond that.

The importance of a good title

Five Things You Need to Know about Writing Articles

A well-written article with a poor title will not only be difficult to read, but it could also lose you some money if you are trying to market products or services through advertising.

The length of the subtitle is totally dependent on your audience. If your target audience is more professional, then you can go longer than if your readers were students at an academic level.

Your headline should hook people. It should make them want to click on the article or book to find out what the author has to say.

It should be short and bold so that they do not need to read much to understand the main message. Use keywords related to your field or topic to help bring in more traffic.

Make it informative

Five Things You Need to Know about Writing Articles

In addition to being interesting, your article should teach or inform others. Your readers will be watching for clues as to what you want them to learn from you, so make sure that they get those lessons! As you begin writing, think about what you’d like to know more about. Then, find ways to include these ideas in your article.

Topic and sub-topic coverage can help you achieve this. For example, if your article topic is how to cook rice, then you could cover the different types of rice, recipes for making rice dishes, or both.

Both are valid examples of including additional information within your article. By covering several similar points under one main idea, your reader won’t have to search too hard to find the info they need!

Keep paragraphs concise and focused. If your audience does not hear or understand something, they will assume that something is wrong with them – not you.

Article marketing requires a lot of work but it is very worth it! Try out our free article marketing tool to write an article and test its effectiveness.

Encourage commenting

Five Things You Need to Know about Writing Articles

One of the things that can get tedious in article writing is encouraging comments. While it may feel like you’re throwing away money by asking for comments, this is not the case at all!

Comments are one of the most important parts of your article. I said before that an average article has around 500 words, which means half of those words go into asking people to comment or give their feedback.

Your readers will appreciate being asked if they liked what you wrote and why. For some, it could be because they have done something similar and wanted to know how it worked for them. Others might want more information about the product or service you mentioned.

By having comments, your website becomes a place where other people can connect and share experiences. This gives your site credibility and boosts engagement.

It also helps you to organize yourself. By noting down comments and answers, you’ll notice time goes much faster.

There is an easy way to ask for comments. Use the word ‘comments’ as your opening sentence and then close with ‘what people are saying about…’. Your reader will understand what you are talking about and hopefully contribute.

Pick your content wisely

Five Things You Need to Know about Writing Articles

Choosing what to write about and how to organize your writing will determine the success of your article writing career! If you are trying to gain momentum as a writer, start practicing by taking some time to do something that matter — create an interesting article topic or pick up some new skills like storytelling, using pictures, or creating a fun tone for your writing.

Your first articles can be based on things you know such as experiences, products or services you have used before, events you attended, etc. It is not too late to begin writing!

Writing an article takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour per 1000 words which means it is pretty easy to put together at times. There are many ways to get started with writing and most of them are casual ways to read online pieces and then try to imitate them.



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