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The Technology That Is Transforming Our Lives

We live in an era where technology is constantly evolving, with new features being added more frequently than ever before. In fact, it feels like every week there’s a new app or tool that promises to make your life easier, save you money, or improve how well you manage your daily tasks.

And while some of these apps are truly effective, many simply don’t work as claimed for very long. This is particularly true when it comes to paying bills.

According to research published by ComparePayers, over half (53%) of all people who pay monthly utility bills have experienced problems because an app they use to track their bills didn’t work properly. Over one-third of those polled said this resulted in them receiving a higher electricity or gas bill due to incorrect calculations!

Apps designed to help individuals stay within their budget can also be difficult to find. According to data from Reverb, almost two-thirds of smartphone users look up coupons and deals via their device at least once a day. However, only one-fifth actually go through with buying anything since no good coupon offers to seem to exist at any given time.

Given all this, it seems clear that we are experiencing a digital epidemic of waste. More and more of our time is spent chasing after rewards that never come, or things that are unhelpfully expensive.

Online shopping

The technology that is transforming our lives

Over the past few years, online shopping has exploded – there are now more ways to buy things online than ever before. It is even possible to do most of your spending through digital stores with the ease of clicking a button or adding what item you want to your cart.

Many people have benefitted from the explosion in online shopping as it allows them to purchase items easily and conveniently, without having to go out into busy areas or spend money on shipping and packaging. It also gives people access to great quality products that they would not necessarily find elsewhere.

For those who still prefer an old-fashioned visit to a store, this is less intimidating as you do not need to pack and organize yourself, and you can check out at your own speed. Many companies have launched apps and services that make it easy to add anything to your cart and checkout virtually, so you do not need to physically be within range of a computer or phone to shop!

There are many reasons why everyone should try at least one thing online every once in a while, but for us, the cost is the biggest factor. While it may seem expensive initially, you will eventually save money in fees and taxes.

Virtual and augmented reality

The technology that is transforming our lives

So what are VR and AR? Let’s start with an easy definition. A virtual reality (VR) experience is totally immersive, interactive, and digital. It requires you to use special equipment to be able to participate in the experience.

Augmented reality (AR), on the other hand, layers information onto the real world we already know. For example, if you have ever used Snapchat, this technology would be similar to putting stickers or pictures onto a wall or surface you currently own.

But instead of just sticking something on top of someone else’s property, they layer it into the actual environment itself. Technically speaking, both of these technologies could be considered forms of mixed reality.

Online classes

The technology that is transforming our lives

One of the newer technology trends that are sweeping across all sectors these days is online education. This isn’t your average school-run site where you can take courses to learn how to do something. These are fully-fledged educational institutions with lusciously funded curriculums and almost limitless resources at their disposal.

There have been many brands that have made it cool to study, which is why we are now in a golden era of anyone able to pursue any degree or certification anywhere around the world. It doesn’t matter if you want to be an accountant from Australia, or if you are looking to become a doctor somewhere else – you can both get the same quality training.

And because this education is accessible via our computers and phones, there is no longer any need for people to travel to expensive universities. Your everyday person can easily join one of the many free online course providers out there. They are just as good if not better than some of the more prestigious academic institutes.

Online learning has grown in popularity due to its cost-effectiveness. Many students enjoy having total control over when they attend class and what time they start studying. There is also less stress knowing that everything is self-paced and you don’t have to worry about getting out of bed early or rushing to catch the bus.

Furthermore, you will always know exactly what material they are teaching and how much content is covered per lesson.

Google Cloud

The technology that is transforming our lives

Over the past few years, there have been several large tech companies that have made significant waves in the technology field. Some of these companies are well known, while others may not be as familiar to some. One company that is rapidly growing in popularity is Google.

Google was first founded back in 1998 when CEO Larry Page and Chief Product Officer Sergei Brin launched it with their own money. Since then, it has become one of the most powerful corporations in America and abroad.

Over the last two decades, the company has cemented its position as a leader in internet search, by becoming synonymous with “search”. Their suite of products now includes things like Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and Android – all of which are very popular software programs.

These days, though, they offer much more than just software. They run computerized services such as cloud computing, storage, and networking.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the practice of using web-based applications and software over the internet instead of installing them locally on your computer or mobile device. This saves you time because you do not need to install the apps onto your machine first before use.

The apps can also be accessed from any place that has an internet connection, so you do not need to worry about being limited in where you can go due to a lack of compatible devices.

Online gaming

The technology that is transforming our lives

When people talk about how technology is changing our lives, they’re usually talking about one thing: mobile phones. A smartphone with large screens and powerful processors makes it easy to access online content, from games to videos to shopping.

Online gaming has exploded in popularity over the past few years. There are now more than 1 billion gamers worldwide!

And while some of these games can get expensive, there are ways to enjoy them for free. You can even make money playing certain types of games.

Here are the top 10 making cash through video games.

Online food

The technology that is transforming our lives

We are now experiencing an epidemic of overweight, obese, and diabetic individuals in this country. Obesity is linked to many health issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, cancer, and even death.

Along with all these dire consequences, obesity also poses serious financial challenges for you and your family. Medical costs related to being overweight or having chronic medical conditions can add up quickly!

Obesity is expensive to treat. Fortunately, there are ways that we can lower our weight by changing what we eat and exercising. Many of us have access to online tools that help us track our nutritional intake and find recipes to cook.

There are several companies that offer pre-packaged foods or meal replacements that contain enough nutrition to meet your daily needs. You can either buy them directly from their site or through a retailer like Amazon where they sell extra boxes.

These products usually come in packs of around one week’s worth of meals which can be easily stored at home until needed.

Online travel

The technology that is transforming our lives

Over the past few years, online booking services have completely changed the way that people book flights, hotels, cars, and even cruises. It is no longer necessary to go through expensive airline or hotel-sponsored apps to find the best deals!

There are now many websites where you can compare different airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and cruise lines’ products along with their competitors’ offerings to determine which one is the most efficient and cost-effective.

By comparing all of these products at once, it becomes very easy to pick the right flight, room, or tour for yourself or someone else.

Email marketing

The technology that is transforming our lives

Over one-third of all emails sent and received are advertisements or market messages! This is a staggering number that indicates email marketers have gone wild.

Email is such a powerful tool for businesses because it is cost-effective, easy to use, and non-stop engagement. With the right tools, you can send out an email message and reach your audience in a matter of minutes.

That’s what makes email marketing so effective; you aren’t limited by time or space. You get access to every recipient’s inbox, making it more likely they will check their messaging app and see your advertisement or content.

There was a time when people didn’t like getting emails about products and services – but things have changed dramatically over the past decade. Online shopping has become a thing, and most people now expect to receive discounts and information via email at least once a week.

It isn’t uncommon to find yourself surrounded by notifications telling you someone had purchased something or received an offer through your business. It is hard to avoid, especially with how accessible email can be.



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