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Travel To Bangkok Thailand

This week, I would like to talk about my recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand! It was one of those perfect weekend trips where you just feel relaxed and comfortable the entire time you are there.

I have been traveling for over a year now (with some breaks) so having a hard time finding somewhere worth mentioning is no longer the case. My favorite destinations have pretty much set in and this city definitely fits that bill.

If you love experiencing new cultures, eating delicious food, and staying at nice hotels, then I highly recommend giving Bangkok a try!

This article will give you all the information you need to know before you travel here.

What to do in Bangkok

Travel to Bangkok Thailand

The best way to spend your time in Bangkok is by exploring one of its many districts or outer suburbs- this will give you a good sense of what the city has to offer. Some of our favorite things to do in Bangkok include spending an afternoon at Tham Khaeng, swimming at Bang Khoa, going down the Fun Slide at BMA (Bangkok Metropolitan Administration) park, taking a boat tour around the Samsen canal, and visiting the Erawan Museum.

Tham Khaeng is a beautiful beach located about 30 minutes outside of downtown Bangkok. It is very popular with locals and tourists during weekends because there are plenty of restaurants and hotels nearby. You can also enjoy parasailing here!

For those who love sports, there are several fields where people play soccer, volleyball, or field hockey. There’s even a rugby field! If you like something more active, you can take a cycling trip through some of the surrounding areas.

Another great thing to do in Bangkok is go sightseeing. Many attractions have free entry days so why not try out some new places? We recommend doing it once the sun goes down since that is when most of Bangkok comes alive.

There are so many ways to enjoy yourself in Bangkok and this can be tricky to decide where to go! Luckily, we have gathered some of the best places for you to spend your time here. These include shopping areas, nightlife, museums, temples, and more.

Some things that must be done when visiting Bangkok are taking an evening boat tour or strolling through the Thong Nhat area at night. You will get incredible views of the cityscape and all of its beautiful monuments and buildings.

Another great way to see much of the city is by taking the metro rail system. The BTS (bullet train) is by far one of the most efficient and popular transport modes. It takes about just over an hour to fully explore both the Skytrain line and the Underground Line.

There’s always something going on in Bangkok. If you like sports, there’s a football stadium almost every weekend. For music lovers, there’s always a festival happening somewhere in the city.

Things to do

Travel to Bangkok Thailand

One of the first things to do in Bangkok is to explore all of its famous sites or “must-sees” as they are known. There are so many beautiful temples, shopping districts, museums, and attractions that it can be difficult to decide where to go next!

If you love history then make your way down to Thammasat University for an afternoon tour. You will learn about Thai culture and how Buddhism influenced their religion. For those who enjoy the nightlife, there are several areas with vibrant bars and clubs.

For something different try attending one of the city festivals such as the Khao Phansa (Carnival) festival which happens every April/May or the Pleng (Thai boxing) event which takes place once a year usually at the end of the summer season when most tourists have left town.

There are also some amazing beaches close by if you feel like taking a break from the busy tourist area. Koh Samui and Pattaya both offer plenty to see and do.

History of Bangkok

Travel to Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok is known for being a hectic, crowded place with very few calm areas or spaces. This makes traveling in and around Bangkok difficult at times as there are no quiet parks or green spaces where you can relax and refocus.

However, looking beyond the city’s surface is quite interesting when it comes to exploring Bangkok. When traveling outside of the main tourist districts it is easy to miss out on the great experiences that Bangkok has to offer.

Some of these attractions include nightlife, shopping, cuisine, and more. All of these make for an unforgettable stay in Bangkok!

History is one such area of attraction in Bangkok. There are many sites all over the city that tell unique stories about what happened here throughout time. These sites include temples, museums, palaces, and more.

The best way to do this is by jumping into and exploring different parts of Bangkok via taxi or public transport.

Culture of Bangkok

Travel to Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok is known for its culture, cuisine, shopping, and nightlife. People are constantly moving around and exploring new areas of the city or taking part in events such as Mueang Bangkok Fair (MBF), which takes place every November at Ratchaprarong Night Market.

Not only does Bangkok have an active social scene but it also boasts some of the best museums in Southeast Asia. The Erawan Museum was designed by renowned Thai architect Mario Macauley and opened its doors in 2018. It focuses on art from all periods and cultures with an emphasis on southeast Asian artwork.

Bangkok has many famous canals that cut through the middle of the city. These waterways were built during the Ayutthaya period when water was very scarce so they made use of natural rivers and streams. Many people live along these canals because you get a lot of space and most of them rent out their houseboats seasonally or even year-round!

A popular way to spend time in Bangkok is by watching a performance at one of the city’s amphitheaters. There are several large open-air venues where you can enjoy a show, meet up with friends, and drink beer! Two of my favorite places to catch a show are Chat Chulalongkorn Theatre and Rajamitra Indoor Stadium.

Another well-known activity in Bangkok is eating street food.

Tips for visiting Bangkok

Travel to Bangkok Thailand

This city has something for everyone, so there’s no need to feel like you have to spend your time in certain areas. There are many ways to enjoy yourself here!

Bangkok is known as the “City of Angels” due to its beautiful beaches and warm weather, but it also boasts some great museums and temples. And while nightlife isn’t quite as popular here as in other major cities around the world, you will find things to do at all hours.

And with so much going on in this bustling metropolis, it can be easy to get distracted and forget what you wanted to do next. That’s why I have compiled my top tips for anyone looking to make the most out of their stay in Bangkok.

1. How to Get Around Bangkok

Public transport in Bangkok is very efficient and user-friendly. The metro system, BTS (bullet train), taxis, tuk-tuks, and motorbike taxis are all easily accessible and cost the same price per ride.

You can either pay by using cash or use an app that connects you to the right transportation.

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