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Dubai is one of the most developed countries in the world and it offers a lot of opportunities for tourists from different parts of the world. It has an amazing infrastructure, which makes this country so much attractive to visitors. The government of the United Arab Emirates is working on making it a city that is more beautiful and appealing to live here. You can visit many interesting places to enjoy your stay in these cities.

Dubai is known as “The Jewel of the UAE” due to its tourist attractions, luxury hotels, and high-end restaurants. There are numerous activities you can do during your vacation while visiting this marvelous place from Europe or any other part of the globe. You can take a car cruise down the famous Dubai Creek, visit the majestic fountain with water slides and have dinner at some local places such as Jumeirah Beach or Atlantis Island. Some popular one are Al Habtoor Museum. Tourists and residents are not obliged to wear masks when they go out. Also, don’t forget to visit Downtown Dubai, which is called the shopping district for those who love shopping. This area will be the biggest center of attraction for visitors from all over the world. The air quality is quite good in terms of pollution, and you can see natural scenery near the famous buildings. Other major attractions for travelers are various resorts like the Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Burj Khalifa resort. These resorts offer accommodations for both business and pleasure tourism. Many visitors prefer to stay in Dubai because of the amazing views of the blue sea, the city is built in such a way it gives a person a feeling of tranquility. Here are some very popular tourist spots and places where people like to go on vacation. But a better place to stay is in Dubai:





This is the largest convention center in the whole of Dubai. It is home to hundreds of events every year and hosts many meetings and meetings. Most of the best-known events are held there. It is also home to several sports grounds and indoor sporting facilities like a basketball court, tennis court, and swimming pool. This place is also famous for having a wide variety of restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes. Other points include the SkyPark, which provides views of the sky over the entire city, two huge aquariums “The Waterpark” and “The Aquarium,” and the beach “Dubai Beach.” All the meetings are organized in spacious rooms, which makes the event a perfect place to spend time together. The main advantage is that this is suitable for holding social gatherings, meetings, and conferences too. Guests get all amenities at their own cost.


Dubai is one of the most visited cities by tourists from around the world. The city is recognized as the top ten global tourist destinations. If you want to know how it was built then you should visit the iconic E-Dubai museum. In this exhibition, you will find pictures to draw inspiration from the history of the region. Then you will have a chance to view the oldest building in the land – the Mausoleum from the 13th-14th centuries BC, located in the old city of Kuwait. Apart from this, you can enjoy traditional foods and dishes. The Old City of Dubai itself was one of the greatest architectural masterpieces of ancient times. Dubai is regarded as a historic city. Dubai creek is also considered one of the longest rivers in the world. Dubai is also rich with heritage sites such as the tomb of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Rashed Al Maktoum. However, if this is your first time of visit, here is some advice that you need to keep in mind: you need to bring yourself to the right spirit. It may feel like going back to another age.


Dubai is the second most populated city in the world and many areas of this town have been made beautiful in the form of flowers like azaleas and roses. Dubai creek has some beautiful rose gardens. Moreover, there are also many wonderful flower vendors selling beautiful bouquets. So it seems that they are not just selling the flowers but also providing the services related to them. Don’t miss the blooming trees in the park. If you look through your camera, you will see gorgeous green hills and fields. Also, you can enjoy the desert in the middle of the city. In addition, do not forget to have a lovely atmosphere on the side streets, which gives a really nice experience of living here.


One of the most expensive cities in the World, Dubai is the most sought-after for its chic and stylish surroundings. The majority of its buildings have great architecture. Each sector of the City is full of elegant mansions, buildings from various periods of modernism, art galleries, museums, and fashion stores. Its monuments and public venues like museums and theatres draw a large number of tourists each year, which makes it the most visited destination among citizens living abroad and tourists. The streets of the City are filled with excellent shopping and dining places. One can enjoy a night with his family at the trendy new club “Fashion Centre”. Besides, the best places to buy clothes are here. For women, this could be the store of brands such as Gucci, Stella Artois, and others. Even men can buy clothes from any designer brand. Shopping malls are also available in the city, which is a great thing as well. You can visit many malls and shopping destinations such as Mall of Asia, Novotel Dubai, The Grand Plaza Hotel, and Palm Jumeirah among others for shopping and entertainment purposes. Not only does shopping attract the attention of tourists and foreign visitors, but shopping places are also a great source of income in the city. As Dubai’s economy grows, it becomes even more important to support businesses like SMEs. They provide jobs to millions of workers. Also, the growth of tourism brings an increase in business in these areas. Dubai is no more just a tourist destination but a must-visit location for businessmen and women. From hotels to fast food chains, almost everything is possible to reach the visitor. It is very convenient as well, as it doesn’t take you much time to reach the nearest city from one place to another one. Tourism has indeed become a crucial element of life in the Emirate of Dubai. Today the emirate is a leading tourist destination within the whole Middle East region. More importantly, the Emirates all around the world want to visit Dubai.






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