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What The British Thought Of Prince Philip

Before we get into some major accusations, let’s talk about his legacy as a person. Most people agree that he was very dedicated to his family, friends, and charities. He truly loved spending time with others, especially young people, and was known for his witty comments and humor.

He also enjoyed traveling and learning more about different cultures. Many consider him to be an excellent diplomat and experts in several fields, such as architecture and fashion.

Many people admire his work ethic and career trajectory. He rose from working in the military to becoming one of the world’s most well-known politicians before retiring at the age of 82!

However, other things being equal, many people would have preferred it if he had chosen another profession or area of expertise. This article will focus on his less positive qualities as a royal and member of the House of Windsor.

Some say that he was not likable due to his privileged lifestyle and lack of empathy. Although he did not enjoy meeting new people, he was able to put himself in their shoes and understand how they could feel.

This is something that only a few people can do, making it hard for them to relate to him. It is said that although he tried to be pleasant toward everyone, he came across as cold and self-focused.

They enjoyed his humor

What the British thought of Prince Philip

As mentioned before, most people agree that he is an intelligent person. People also appreciate his sense of humor. He does not hesitate to make jokes about himself or other people.

He made many funny comments throughout his life. For example, in 1984, while attending the wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips at St. Paul’s Cathedral, he said something very surprising. According to some witnesses, he told the couple that it was too late for them to have a baby because he would never let her leave the house!

Many people think this comment is rude and insensitive but others believe it showed his true feelings as a father. Some say it makes him seem more human instead of just being friendly and nice.

He also likes to tell stories about his past experiences which sometimes include making fun of himself. For instance, he once referred to himself as “the world’s worst driver.” At another party, someone asked if he ever regretted marrying Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II).

They respected his experience

What the British thought of Prince Philip

As the first son of King George VI, he was never really left out of anything. He attended many important functions with his father and later as Duke of Edinburgh, he became an integral part of several committees and groups.

He received numerous honors and decorations for his work and leadership in the military, royal family, and other organizations.

He made many appearances at events both nationally and internationally.

When his wife Elizabeth II announced that she would be passing the throne onto her children, Prince Andrew would become king, making him the second person to hold this title.

He then served two years as deputy head of state before being appointed governor general — the highest ranking position ever held by someone who is not already royalty or president.

Prince Philip has spent sixty-nine years in the Royal Family and fifty-four as The Queen’s husband.

They were disappointed with his behavior

What the British thought of Prince Philip

Many people didn’t like what they saw when they looked at him, however. Some considered him to be rude or arrogant towards others. He was also described as being too political or outspoken.

Some believed that he had no respect for royal traditions and ceremonies. Others said that he tried to take control of things that weren’t his own yet he acted like he owned them.

A few thought that he wasn’t very intelligent and seemed more interested in talking about himself than anything else. However, there are still many people who think very highly of him and consider him to be an important part of the Royal Family.

What some may not know is how much effort it took to get where he currently stands today. He started off from nothing and worked hard to achieve his current position.

They thought he was a burden

What the British thought of Prince Philip

As his sons grew up, many people noticed a change in the prince’s behavior. He became more distant and formal with them.

He would often ignore or be rude to William and Kate as they socialized with him at public events. At one event, he told The Telegraph that when William tried to speak to him, he “didn’t want to listen. I never wanted to talk about dogs!”

At another event, he made a joke about how much money Queen Elizabeth II makes because she is paid so well. When someone pointed out that her job does not include being the monarch, he replied, “Well, you can always find something for the queen to do.”

When asked what his favorite movie was, he said it had nothing to do with movies — instead, it was about golf.

None of these things were good signs. A person who cannot communicate effectively with their children will put a barrier between them that could potentially grow thicker as they age.

For some parents, this happens if their child is an only child. For other parents, it can happen if their children are close in age or if one child has special needs.

But for a parent who loses touch with one of their own kids as they grow up, it can create extra stress. For the Royal Family, this loss of contact was particularly painful given all the attention the media gives to them.

They appreciated his friendship with Queen Elizabeth II

What the British thought of Prince Philip

Many people admired Prince Philip’s friendly relationship with the current monarch, making him an honorary member of the Royal Family. He received praise for his work as president of several organizations and efforts to promote international peace and understanding.

He was also well-known for supporting charitable causes and promoting health and wellness through diet and exercise. These qualities made him quite popular in Britain.

Many Brits considered him to be intelligent and cultured, and he had a good sense of humor that most people didn’t know about until later.

They enjoyed his company

What the British thought of Prince Philip

Many people loved spending time with him, even if they disagreed with some of his political views or personal styles. He was known for being very down to earth and comfortable in any situation.

He was never pretentious or overly formal when meeting others, which is why he was always popular with other royals. People that knew him said he made them feel relaxed and able to speak openly without worrying about over-exposing themselves or saying something they would later regret.

He was also famous for giving off an air of calm confidence and ease around all types of individuals. His easy going nature helped people relax and talk more freely.

Many people who met Prince Philip say he left a lasting positive impression and had lots of nice stories to tell about him. Some admired his work as Duke of Edinburgh or Commander of The Royal Victorian Order, while others appreciated his wit and funny comments.

Some may have been put off by his sometimes controversial opinions, but most respected his deep sense of loyalty and duty to the monarchy.

They valued his advice

What the British thought of Prince Philip

Many people admired Prince Philip for his wisdom and knowledge he possessed. He was known to give excellent, thoughtful advice to both politicians and business leaders alike.

He once said that “politics is like sausage-making” and this seems an apt description!

Prince Phillip served as the Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1974 to 1976 during the time when Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister. He also gave her some tough love by telling her she should consider stepping down after two years because she had become too powerful.

She listened to him with interest but it is not known if she took his advice.

Another example occurred in 2002 when George W Bush was elected President for a second term. At a meeting at Chequers (the prime minister’s residence) held to discuss what changes needed to be made, Prince Philip pointed out that most Americans dislike having a president who does not have a degree.

The then-current president did not hold one so he could not run for re-election. It is thought that William Clinton was the last person to lose his job due to a lack of education.

They disagreed with some of his opinions

What the British thought of Prince Philip

Many people knew about Prince Phillip before he married Princess Elizabeth in 1947, but most didn’t care much for him. He was known to have rather blunt conversations that made many feel uncomfortable or even offended.

He was also criticized for being too extravagant, spending money on expensive clothes, and traveling around the world in a private jet.

Some thought he was out of place as a royal family member who wasn’t considered the highest nobility like Queen Victoria’s descendants.

Prince Philip received a great deal of attention when he announced his marriage to Elizabeth II back in May 1948. But after almost 70 years together, it seems like people are now leaving comments about how they’re divorcing their partner.

Many seem to agree that things between them have gotten bad, and there are always enough stories floating around to prove it.



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