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8 Reasons to be Excited for the iPhone 14 Pro Max

8 Reasons to be Excited for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the new iPhone 14 Pro Max, ranging from the health benefits and app usability to the connectivity and safety features. This new smartphone is set to be released in the next three months, so you don’t have to wait long before you can take advantage of everything this device has to offer. Here are just eight of the many reasons you’ll be happy with your purchase.

1) 4K Video

The most exciting improvement in terms of video quality is the ability to shoot 4K resolution video. This is great because even though you might not have a 4K TV right now, you can still take advantage of what this phone can do by shooting footage with a high resolution and down-resing it when you share it on social media sites like Facebook. One thing that may make this more appealing to those who are concerned about storage space: unlike previous models which saved HD video as 1080p, 4K videos will only need five times as much space as their Full HD counterparts.

2) Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 is a big deal because it will result in double the range, four times faster speed, and twice as much energy efficiency. There are more benefits to come with Bluetooth 5.0 and this new version is predicted to take up 50% of all available bandwidth. The usage of Bluetooth on phones has already doubled since 2013, so it’s safe to say that we’ll start seeing an increase in improvements with connection quality and data speeds in light of this new update.

3) Faster Wireless Charging

Faster wireless charging means that your phone is always ready. You’re able to get through a day of use and a night of entertainment without worrying about your battery life. Just place your phone on its wireless charger before you go to bed, and you’ll wake up with a fully charged phone! This is one of the best features on this phone, especially if you know it will make all the difference.

4) Dual Stereo Speakers

The dual stereo speakers on the iPhone 14 pro max will make all of your media-watching and video-chatting sessions a lot more immersive. They feature Dolby Atmos technology, which means that they’re able to create 3D soundscapes, so even if you’re watching something with bad audio quality, it can still sound crisp and clear. Apple’s also releasing an AirPlay 2 update, which will let you play your favorite media on any device connected to the same Wi-Fi network without having to worry about annoying lag time in between screen transitions. The latest update is rumored to include airplay 1, too— meaning you’ll have no issue casting your photos from one i-device directly onto another.

5) Screen Sensors and Privacy

The new updates in Screen Sensors and Privacy will make it so you can know exactly who is looking at your phone, how long they are looking at it, and what apps they are using. You also get a chance to mute your microphone and camera with these updates. This sounds like a great idea as privacy has been major concern since the first smart phone came out.
If people really want privacy than this is their chance!
(please insert a strong piece of advice)

6) Battery Life at Last!

Being able to use your phone all day without needing a charge would be a dream come true. And it’s just what Apple is promising with the release of their latest model, set to hit stores in 2020. The iPhone Pro Max is going to have a battery life of an impressive 33 hours! That will give you plenty of time to catch up on Orange Is The New Black or binge that show you’ve been meaning to get around too… and we still haven’t even gotten into its other features!

7) A Functional Touch Bar

The I-phone 14 promax will come with a functional touch bar. Unlike its predecessors, this newly invented touch bar is not limited to one specific use, but can display different applications depending on what you are doing. It will work as an extended screen, but also offer quick shortcuts when scrolling or selecting text and images. And because it does more than one thing, the risk of fingerprints smudging your screen should decrease.
The touch bar is just one example of how Apple has responded to consumer needs and desires with their new device. Take advantage of these new changes and get your hands on the I-phone 14 promax today!

8) Goodbye Headphone Jack!

So goodbye headphone jack. This is one of the best changes Apple has made to their phones. They felt that using a wired earbud was not as futuristic as it could be, so they made a wireless earbud that you can use with your phone and control everything from there. You can even connect it to another wireless device and listen to songs together! And if you’re more into having speakers on your phone, there are plenty of options now too, so say goodbye to those bluetooth speakers. There’s also lots of noise cancellation features these days so feel free turn up the volume and blast some music in public places without worry about disturbing anyone around you.


The I-phone 14 promax will improve on many aspects of our lives. It is coming with an outstanding battery life and incredible camera that can take stunning photos in low light. A wide range of various colours that are appealing. Built-in flash, this device has redefined what it means to take a selfie.



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