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Why there is no comparison between flowers and thorns?

Why there is no comparison between flowers and thorns? The flowers look so beautiful with their vibrant colors, nice smell, and sweet taste but why do you think that the thorns are there at the same time? What’s the reason behind having both in the same plant? Why flowers without thorns are so uncommon? The answer lies in their different abilities to attract birds, bees, and insects which play an important role in pollination. From this perspective, both of them serve a purpose by helping plants to reproduce by their beauty and they also help us humans by giving us honey, fruits, and vegetables that our body needs so much.

Because we don’t know our value

The real reason why there is no comparison between flowers and thorns, my friends, is because we don’t know our value.
No matter how many rays of sunshine we may experience, that little bit of rain that comes along every now and then can turn into a relentless storm.
We see this happen time after time in our own lives or the lives of people close to us. People with self-esteem on the ground can quickly transform into someone who doesn’t feel worth anything at all if circumstances take a turn for the worse or they are consistently experiencing events that only remind them of their inner thoughts about themselves.

Because we are scared of being different

People are often scared of trying new things and don’t want to deviate from what they know. That is why we avoid the uncomfortable experiences in life by hiding behind our collective fragility. When I was diagnosed with depression, it took months before I found a therapist because I was too scared to admit what was happening to me, which resulted in continued deterioration. When you’re anxious about taking on a new experience, it’s important to not let your fear impede what you need the most.

Because our life doesn’t end in childhood

One time, we lived in a family of four: me, my mom, my dad, and our dog. We shared everything–the living room TV, the TV remote control, and dirty clothes for laundry night. It was a happy little place with enough space for the four of us. I remember how it felt when my dad kissed my mom on the forehead in their kitchen or when she cooked his favorite macaroni-and-cheese dish after he worked long hours at the office. When I had a question about anything–even if it was out of school or not important–I could just turn to one of them to find an answer that I liked or needed.

Because we accept everyone’s point of view

Some people think that when it comes to love, the nice guys always finish last. They think that if you are sweet or kind to a woman then she will be turned off by this quality and want someone with whom she can fight. While others feel differently and believe that the person who gives love in a mature way is the one who receives it in return. Whichever side you fall on, I would like to suggest that we have to accept both points of view as they are two sides of the same coin.

Because we forgot how to stand up for ourselves

We are so afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings that we forget how to speak up for ourselves. We lose our identity because we think in order to please others, you need to do what they want. We lose all sense of self-worth because we can’t let our voice be heard. So when someone does something that rubs us the wrong way, we’re not as direct with them as we should be because it could make them feel bad, or worst yet; give them a negative opinion of us!

Because we always want to be the good girl/boy

No one will ever tell you that they admire someone who’s a bad boy or girl. A lot of people will tell you to be the person you want to be, as opposed to someone you think other people want you to be. Which is why it’s always best to be the good girl/boy. Everyone knows that it’s better for our conscience if we do things the right way. Doing something wrong might not make us feel guilty at first but in the long run, the guilt will hit us with so much force.

Because we don’t see what could be if only…

Flowers are a representation of what could be. Something beautiful, something simple, something that was fragile before but now looks strong in contrast to the other side. Thorns remind us of what couldn’t be and their ability to stab reminds us of the mistakes we made. Flowers represent hope for the future whereas thorns show us that at one point we were unhappy.


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