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Gender Discrimination is a Challenge to Global Economic Growth


Gender Discrimination Is A Challenge To Global Economic Growth

Author: Waqas Rafiq

Men and women face a whole new world of work, work that has been taken from them for too long in too many places. The fact that men are still doing the same jobs as women and vice versa almost 40 years later is just incredible to me. In my mind, I can’t overstate how important this was in our society and how far we’ve come. We have had so much progress as far as equality goes for women since then, but it seems like there’s still more work to be done. It seems women just can’t catch up with some of the other male workers who are getting paid better and getting a promotion faster!

When it comes to the world of science women are still seen as lesser than a man. Women are also considered inferior to a man in the eyes of most people, and if you look at this alone you’d see why. This makes it even harder for women to compete with men when you look at statistics. There are still so many opportunities for women to prove themselves and their worth at work. There’s such a small percentage of women who make it to where they want to be that’s why there aren’t any great strides towards making women equal to men yet. At the end of the day when you talk about gender equality and equality, you’re talking specifically about race relations, which is something that we need to do to help put ourselves on the right. These inequalities seem to only start affecting women. When it comes to representation and equality a lot of us realize how much our lives aren’t as fair competition.

But what about the issue of money? How much do men earn compared to women? How does one earn more or less? Well, I think that is partly because we were given stereotypes and told to believe them. As mentioned before there are a ton of differences between male and female earnings. Female workers are not paid as much, they are paid more depending on their role. Male workers are paid a little bit more based on their job title and what they look like. But it seems to me that men are the ones earning higher wages in every other way as well. And for those same reasons people do not even notice. Now just to show you the numbers there are so many girls out there who are working and making decent incomes. We live in an age where there’s no excuse for not having a career. With all of these social barriers being placed around a kid’s future, there should absolutely be no reason for being scared of putting yourself out there for what you’re willing to do. If someone said, “I’m going to become a doctor” in high school there’s really nothing you can worry about. That’s not going to change unless it happens to your family. So there will always be this question of what is a good doctor and what isn’t a good doctor.

Women should try to overcome these issues and put themselves on the right track. Let’s get equal pay for similar positions. Get rid of stereotypes and let women be the leaders in many situations when it comes to health. Let’s change the perception of people that they can’t become anything without having a degree. Let’s change the perceptions of girls who don’t want to go to college because it doesn’t matter, that it does matter. Just like we always say if you believe in yourself and your talents then you will succeed. People may say things that they may not mean to but they’ll always go back to the fact that we’re not seeing each other’s talents. You might want to stop believing what you’re thinking and start changing people’s behaviors because it is your dreams and your talent that could be fulfilled. Yes, I’m sure having a degree isn’t the best thing ever, but it’s also not the worst either. Everyone deserves to get whatever they want to be in a safe place. No one must feel pressure to go into a field that they aren’t interested in if they don’t want to. We need to be treating each other equally. Not just by looking at our skin color but by how qualified we are as a person. No matter how many different kinds of schools, colleges, jobs, careers, etc. we’re all human beings doing the exact job that we got. To make sure we’re given the tools to work at it. Just because someone has a degree doesn’t mean that they have knowledge that couldn’t be taught to someone else. Just because someone has a job doesn’t mean that someone in the same position doesn’t have one. Let us continue to put forth our best selves and keep everyone happy. Maybe not be professional, but hopefully, our effort will be what counts. We all deserve respect and likeability.



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