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          Author: Waqas Rafiq

Participation in the world economic forum on the economy of this world

This organization, since its inception in 1971, has grown from strength to strength and currently provides a platform for debate on international issues such as peace, democracy, security, climate crisis, poverty, equality, human rights, etc. The organization offers services to more than 50 countries each year. This year’s theme is “The Road Ahead: To Build Peaceful Post-COVID Society”.

The WEF also has offices in 17 different cities all over the world providing information about their programs, research, publications, events, programs, and funds.

The 2020 edition will be held under the name of the “World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of Members” which is scheduled to hold its 4th annual meeting in Davos Switzerland.

The organizing committee is chaired by Klaus Schwab, President of the European Union and chair of the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General. It is also headed by former Austrian Chancellor Herbert Kicklitz who was previously president of the World Bank and a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Under his leadership, Austria became an active player in the field of education. He helped create the curriculum for Vienna University’s School of Economics and led major transformations in the institution including introducing open university policies. Klaus Schwab has been involved in many projects, including making Europe one of the most innovative economies. Many prominent names have worked with him in both the public and private sectors. Thus, he has received numerous awards.

The organizer of the event, His Excellency Mario Draghi, Secretary General of Italy and leader of IMF gave a speech at the opening of the conference by saying what an important moment it is to meet face-to-face despite the fact that we are far apart, “We know each other, friends and foes. Today’s special meeting is another step towards our common goal”, said Mr. Wolfgang Rattay, CEO of Germany International Partnerships, the managing partner of Cushman Thomsen, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Wirtschaft.

The chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Professor Klaus Schwab also made statements related to the current situation in the world and hopes that 2021 would bring positive developments.

“The global pandemic and what is happening around the globe will force us to change course. We must respond now to the challenges facing humanity. Our work does not end at the global level, but we now have the responsibility to make sure that we deal with these crises and get back to our lives as soon as possible. For this reason, Europe takes an incredibly central role. From next week the European Commission will host the first roundtable of the Global Future Council. It could be called the main forum for cooperation between business and civil society. In January, I will visit the UK and discuss this with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. This will be my last engagement at the OECD until the middle of 2022, so I think it will set a good example for the whole world to follow”, said Klaus Schwab “In the coming months, the EU Member States will come together with the United Nations and global action against COVID-19 will be more effective and more widespread. Moreover, in response to this crisis, new tools will come into play. They will help us reach these goals and protect people around the world”, said Klaus Schwab.

The Chairperson of the Board of Governors of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Prof Paul Kagame said that the agenda for the fourth edition will include addressing the needs of young professionals, women, and people belonging to ethnic minorities, as well as those affected by immigration. Next year there will be a digital exposition called ‘The Platform’ under the title ‘A Digital Event Series’ organized by HEB, a network of universities and institutions, and agencies across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. There will also be a series of consultations with the organizations and companies that are working urgently to find solutions to fight against the coronavirus. During the session “The Impact of New Tools On The Workplace,” the Conference participants will share and discover trends and best practices, and techniques to support employees and employers around the universe.

At his closing keynote ‘A Bold Vision’ from December 8 to 10 in Davos, Klaus Schwab said: ”2020 has taught us how vital it is to do everything possible to ensure that we are united and to continue doing everything we can to tackle any global threat or challenge, whatever they may be”, said Klaus Schwab.

He added: “The road ahead is long and full of opportunities and dangers. But it is up to us to make the most out of them. That is why we came together for the Fourth Edition of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting”, said Klaus Schwab



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