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A Minute’s Success Pays the Failure of Years

A Minute’s Success Pays the Failure of Years.There have been innumerable instances where a mere 60 seconds proved decisive in turning round the fortunes of persons, companies or even countries. No one should be disheartened at failure, because as time goes on, you learn from it and move ahead in life to bigger and better things. Here are a few examples of such 60 second successes that brought about long term results when others had all but given up hope on them.

The Importance of Being Prepared

Having something prepared in advance is a great way to ensure you can take advantage of opportunities. In business, it’s often said that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Just like how an athlete or performer prepares themselves physically before a big game or performance, having a specific plan or routine in place will help you make sure you’re ready when big opportunities come your way. It doesn’t need to be much, but create some simple process for yourself so that when an opportunity presents itself, you can quickly decide what action steps are necessary and then act on them. Even if it doesn’t work out, by being prepared and ready for all eventualities you’ll have increased your chances for success! 1) Make sure to have a checklist handy that includes everything you might need at a moment’s notice (whether it be your car keys or laptop). By doing this, you’ll never find yourself scrambling because you forgot one important thing. This may sound silly, but many people don’t carry around checklists these days because they always know where everything is! That won’t fly once there are several things competing for attention.

Trust that it Will Work Out

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in yourself and your abilities, especially when you’re starting out. But if you don’t have faith in what you do, how will anyone else? If you are lacking in confidence or just feel a little lost, try to trust that things will work out. If they don’t work out now, they could very well later on. You never know when opportunities will arise—if only because so many doors get closed along the way. Just remember: keep trying until something sticks! And be sure not to give up too early either! You can succeed by perseverance and perserverance alone… It is true, as Henry Ford said, Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again more intelligently. What we fail at today can become our strengths tomorrow. We all stumble from time to time; what matters most is whether we pick ourselves back up and continue marching forward towards our goals. So even though you may feel down about a missed opportunity or even a failure at something you’ve tried before, stay optimistic about future endeavors; try again, but with more knowledge under your belt. Put your previous experience into perspective—you’ve already come far enough that it’s unlikely for others to catch up with where you are now—and then focus on moving forward one step at a time toward where you want to go.

Don’t Worry About Rejection

The best way to deal with rejection is to not worry about it. If you do get rejected for a job or promotion, which will happen from time to time, don’t dwell on it. Sure, you might be upset at first, but let it go quickly. It only wastes your mental energy and does no one any good anyway. The reality is that most jobs and positions are rarely available (especially ones you’re qualified for) and many people apply for them—so chances are good that if you did your job well and wrote an excellent cover letter/resume, you’ll have better luck next time around. There’s no sense spending all day every day worrying about what could have been in a world where anything can be possible but also nothing is certain. And who knows? Maybe you won’t even want to work there after you find out more about their company culture. Sometimes we need to take risks in order to grow, but it’s always important to remain flexible as things change over time. You Are Not Alone: Don’t allow yourself to feel like a failure because someone else was promoted instead of you. You may feel disappointed, sad, angry or anxious but remember that these feelings are normal when something doesn’t go our way. Feeling bad about yourself is pointless; instead try focusing on how much progress you’ve made towards your career goals so far and how much more experience you have now than when you started working towards those goals! You should never regret trying something new; just remember that sometimes we must fail before we succeed!

Always Ask For What You Want

How often have you assumed a colleague or supervisor was thinking along those same lines? When that happens, it can prevent you from asking for what you want. Not only that, but when you don’t ask for what you want out loud, it also prevents other people from hearing your needs and concerns. By actively advocating for yourself at work, you demonstrate confidence and get more of what you need to succeed. (See also: How to Ask For a Raise)
Here are some tips on how to start implementing advocacy in your life at work: Practice having conversations with yourself where you talk about your goals and achievements in a positive way. Use words such as I, me, mine etc. instead of passive language like it, this etc.. Let go of any shame around self-promotion by reminding yourself about all your achievements. Take action! Start talking about why something is important to you and advocate for what you need help with as if someone else would do it for themselves…because they would!

Be Consistent & Persistent

Being persistent and consistent takes time, so it’s crucial to stay focused on your goals, even when they seem far away. If you’re experiencing a few setbacks, or if motivation is running low, don’t let that get you down! Setbacks are temporary and motivation can be fleeting. Stay on track for long-term goals by establishing short-term reminders about what you’re working towards—and why. Being consistent and persistent will help ensure that no matter what challenges come your way in life, you’ll have a better chance of reaching your goals. Just keep moving forward one step at a time! The Long Road: It can take years to become an expert in any field, but it all begins with taking small steps. No matter where you start from, whether that be zero experience or just a spark of inspiration, success comes from dedication and commitment over time. And once those tiny steps turn into big leaps, you’ll see how far you’ve really come! Well Started is Half Done: You may feel like all of your hard work has gone unnoticed as you begin any project—but remember that half-done work gets nowhere. In order to achieve success, push yourself past these feelings of doubt and insecurity until there’s nothing left but pride in your work.

Work Harder Than Everyone Else

All it takes to be successful is hard work and a strong work ethic. If you’re willing to put in the extra effort, no one can stop you. If you want to succeed at something, all that’s required is hard work over a long period of time—there are no shortcuts. You may not see results right away, but if you continue working as hard as possible and believe in yourself, your determination will pay off. So, work harder than everyone else. It’s easy to do things halfway or give up when things get tough, but if you really want to achieve success, don’t let anything stand in your way. Just keep going until you reach your goals. This quote sums it up perfectly: I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from failed ones is pure perseverance. —Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple)

Never Give Up

The secret to success is knowing when to give up. And never giving up. If you keep at something and always have an eye toward improving, then it’s almost impossible not to succeed. (Of course, there are no guarantees.) But if you don’t give up—if you constantly work on new ideas and push them forward—the cycle of improvement will continue indefinitely. It doesn’t really matter whether or not your latest idea was good; what matters is that you continually take risks with your ideas in order to improve over time. If you never fail, it means you aren’t trying hard enough! The most successful people are simply those who don’t accept failure as an option.


The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. The successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her. It takes years to build success and it can be destroyed by a moment’s foolishness. But foolishness is often camouflaged as experimentation, so be careful where you step. When you hear hoof beats, think horses—not zebras. Don’t get carried away by your enthusiasm for an idea or cause; do some fact finding before you become too emotionally invested in it. And remember, although all things may come to those who wait, only those things left over from those who hustle!
So as you go through your journey to success, remember that everyone falls down—but what counts is whether or not you fall up! Be smart, be focused and keep aiming high. There’s no time like now to start moving forward toward success. You have it within you—all you need to do is follow through. Make today a great day, tomorrow an even better day and enjoy every step along your journey to becoming a minute’s success paying for years of failure!



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