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Why We Need an International Technology Day

Why We Need an International Technology Day. Technology has become ubiquitous in the way that we live our lives. We have technology in the form of games, television, phones, computers, and much more. The world would not be what it is today without the breakthroughs in technology over the past 50 years or so. There are billions of people on this planet who use technology every day and do not think twice about it. In fact, they probably take it for granted as just another part of life.

What is International Technology Day?

International Technology Day would be a day that celebrates the many facets of technology. It would be a way to recognize all the people who work in the tech industry, and to show that this field has a real impact on our lives. It would also be a way to acknowledge how far we’ve come – and how far we still have to go. The idea behind International Technology Day is that it’s never too late for us to learn more about all the ways technology has changed our world for the better. And there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. There are hackathons, meetups, and events happening all over the globe every year to celebrate ITD – and with each event comes new lessons learned, new knowledge gained. In other words: lots of inspiration just waiting for you! If you’re interested in learning more about what’s been done so far or what to do next, click here for links to resources and tools for taking action. If you’re already plugged into the digital world, why not use your skills to help out? Maybe it’s updating your website, making a contribution to open source software development, or donating your time at one of these ITD events near you. No matter where life takes you or what passions interest you most- there’s something waiting for you out there in the vast sea of digital culture.

The Importance of Technology

What is technology? Technology can be defined as a system, process or object that solves problems. The word technology is derived from the Greek words τέχνη (technē) and νόμος (nómos), meaning art and skill.
Technology is not just a tool to make life easier. It has evolved into something much more than that. It is a way of living, it has impacted every aspect of our life, from how we work to how we socialize, how we learn to how we buy groceries, it’s become a part of everyday routine for all of us. When someone says technology, what comes to mind? A computer? A laptop? A phone? These are some examples of what people might think when they hear the word technology. But have you ever stopped to think about why there needs to be a day dedicated specifically to this wonderful thing we know as technology?
What is technology doing for humanity today, and where do you think it will go in the future if there isn’t anything done now to preserve its history and promote its importance in society today? If you agree with me that there should be an international day devoted entirely to celebrating technology then please sign my petition!

The Benefits of Technology

Technology has improved the way we live and work. It’s changed the way we get information and communicate with each other, as well as how we do business. But there are some challenges that come with technology too. How can we help people use technology in a more thoughtful way? How can we make sure everyone is able to participate in our digital world? And how can we take care of our own mental health when using new technologies? The World Economic Forum found that 45% of adults around the world think they need more time for themselves to stay healthy; this might be because many feel overwhelmed by the amount of emails, messages and notifications they receive every day. To address these concerns about technology and its impact on our lives and society, we propose establishing an international day dedicated to technology. The goal would be three-fold: firstly, on this day, people could reflect on their relationship with technological advances; secondly it would be a day set aside for considering what could go wrong if we continue down the path of automation without human input; thirdly it would be a day where people could discuss ideas for finding ways to harness innovation while also addressing its downsides.

The Negative Effects of Technology

Technology has had a strong impact on our economy and culture, but it has also brought with it some negative effects. For example, we are becoming more disconnected from the world around us as we spend more time looking at screens than out windows or interacting with other people. Plus, there is the digital divide – those who have access to technology (or have money to purchase it) and those who do not. And finally, there is the issue of safety – while technology can be used to make life safer (for example by providing emergency services), it can also be used as a weapon to monitor people’s every move and threaten their privacy. But does this mean that technology should be banned? Absolutely not! Instead, what we need is international day where everyone comes together to celebrate technological advances and share ideas about how these advances can help solve some of the problems caused by them.

How to Balance Technology Use

Technology is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it has the power to connect us to each other, broaden our knowledge and capabilities, and revolutionize how we work. But on the other hand, too much of anything can be bad for you. This is why it’s important to make sure that your technology use is balanced with offline time where you spend time interacting with people face-to-face. This will help you feel less disconnected and more connected in turn. And the feeling of being able to control technology addiction is worth celebrating! For example, after connecting children and families through this new way of communicating called email in 1982, kids were so addicted that they stopped doing everything else. And adults were even worse! They never wanted to disconnect from their computers, televisions or phones. To celebrate this new form of communication and engagement between humans across all distances on Earth, there should be an international technology day every year!


Technology is all around us. It’s in our pockets, it’s on our desks, it’s in our cars and even in the food we eat. As with all progress, there are challenges to be faced and solutions to be found. But with a day designated for technology and its effects on the world, we can start to see how big of an impact it is having. For example, many people don’t realize that there are more than one billion people without access to electricity (source: World Bank Group). And while everyone has access to electricity today, not everyone has internet. The International Telecommunications Union estimates that 20% of the world’s population still lacks Internet access (source: ITU).
It would also provide an opportunity for kids to learn about what it takes to create technology like drones or apps and encourages them pursue careers in STEM fields.
Finally, this day would show the world what great things have been created by those working behind-the-scenes of some of these technologies we use everyday.



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